Edinburgh 2013


You may have noticed that the website has gone a little quiet over the last few weeks. That’s because I’ve been up in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, reviewing several shows a day for Exeunt and Fest Magazine. Rather than reposting dozens of reviews on here, I’ve set up links below for anyone interested in what I’ve been seeing and writing about this month.

Edinburgh reviews for Fest Magazine.

Edinburgh reviews for Exeunt:

Dark Vanilla Jungle
If Room Enough
Captain Amazing
Stuart: A Life Backwards
Death and Gardening
The Fanny Hill Project
On the One Hand
Banksy: The Room in the Elephant
Ballad of the Burning Star
I’m With the Band
The Poet Speaks
Squally Showers
Cape Wrath
The Bloody Great Border Ballad Project
Fight Night
We, Object
Don Quijote
The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity
The Smallest Light
The Future Show
The Beginning
Whatever Gets You Through the Night
Forest Fringe
There Has Possibly Been An Incident

Photo: Andrew Reid Wildman.

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